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Reliability. Balance. Security.
Generally accepted values​​. Cornerstones of our work.

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In line with values

We have achieved a decisive role in the field of metal machining and the production of spare parts, both on the domestic and international markets. Continuous renewal and expansion of machinery has been an important feature of our business philosophy, enabling us to comply with turbulent market environment.

About the Company

Az Iron-Tech Zrt.-ről

Our company started its operation in Szigetvár (Hungary), in 1999, under the leadership of Tibor Bocskor.

Division of Mechanical Engineering

The creation of the division of mechanical engineering has happened at the same time of the foundation of the company.

Automobile Division

Our automotive division was founded in 2013.

Locksmith Division

Since the foundation of our company we carry out locksmith operations, at the current site, since 2006.

Project supporters

Új MagyarországSupported by the New Hungary Development PlanÚj Széchenyi TervSupported by the New Széchenyi Plan

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