The automotive division opened its doors in 2013, when the facility equipped with modern technology and expanded to 2700 m2 floor space was completed.

In the automotive division, mainly motor parts for cars and trucks, as well as drive train parts are made of forged prefabricated, bar materials (steel, bronze, aluminium).

In addition to the high quality, the company also considers meeting of the exact deadlines as a business obligation.

In the production process, medium and large series components are typically made using modern cutting technologies, from raw material procurement to delivery of the finished product according to customers’ demand, in the supply model expected by the customer. All technologies of the manufactured parts are performed locally, and the company considers it as its own know-how. Modern CNC controlled processing machines and 3D measuring devices provide the necessary technical background.

The division's machine fleet consists of 35 CNC lathes, 16 vertical CNC machining centres, 7 CNC grinders, 1 induction trainer and 3 parts washing machines.